Automate Your Twitter Activity

Schedule your twitter posts, retweets, turn on auto follow let your following go sky high!

With autoposter you can automate almost every activity of twitter and grow your Twitter following within hours.

Awesome features

Auto Follow

Auto follow gives you two options auto follow people via usernames or hashtags.

Auto Like

Auto like users and let them like you back, grow your likes in no time.

Auto Retweet

Add hashtags or usernames and or auto and Autopost do the magic by retweeting your favorite hashtags or usernames.

Some More Crazy Features

Autoposter supports Auto direct message as well, want to message people following you or people you are following just add your desired message and Autoposter will let them know.

Auto Unfollow, dont like certain people and want to unfollow you ? We got you covered just let Autoposter automatically unfollow the people you dont to follow anymore.

Auto Direct Message
Auto Schedule Message
Auto Unfollow

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